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Do you have questions about water-related challenges and opportunities in developing and transitioning countries? Look no further than Jaap Kroon, our seasoned expert with a passion for making a difference.

Jaap is one of our project advisors for the Partners for Water Programme 2022 -2027 and Senior Project Advisor in Team Global Water Issues of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Together with his team, Jaap has a proven track record of collaborating with Dutch, international and local organisations to achieve positive impact on major social issues. For example, Jaap is working together with the city of Beira in Mozambique, to improve water security. In addition, he is assessing the Partners for Water subsidy (PVW-IVWW)  applications.

In this interview by the RVO, Jaap shares his work, motivation and how entrepreneurs can benefit from his expertise. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights from a leading expert in the field of water and development.

Jaap Kroon

Jaap Kroon

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