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Converge, connect and create at Waterproof 2024!

Mark your calendars for a day packed with inspiring sessions, expert insights, and valuable networking opportunities.

When?   Tuesday, 6 February 2024
Where? DeFabrique, Utrecht

What's Waterproof about?

Waterproof 2024 is the must-attend event for anyone working in the Dutch water sector. Whether you're in the private or public sector, a financial wizard, a tech guru, or a social innovator, this is where you need to be to help shape the future of global water challenges.

What can you expect?

  • Morning plenary session (10.30-12.00): A dynamic panel discussion with water experts covering themes like biodiversity, water technology and social inclusion and their interlinkages.
  • Interactive networking lunch (12.00-13.30): Connect with peers over a delicious lunch.
  • Deep-dive sessions (13.30-15.30): Choose from topics such as water management and ICT, Nature-based Solutions, finance, biodiversity and more.
  • Award ceremony and recap (15.45-16.30): Celebrate innovation and recap the day's insights.
  • Network drinks (16.30-18.00): Wind down, network and connect over drinks.

Partners for Water Award 2024

During the award ceremony, the Partners for Water Award winner will be announced. This year, the Partners for Water Awards 2024,  showcase projects that not merely envisioned change but also brought it to life with the support of our subsidy scheme. Go to the the Award page to learn more about the three nominated Partners for Water projects and vote!

Why Attend?

  • Network: Connect with fellow water experts and leaders working in the international water sector.
  • Exchange Knowledge: Learn from best practices and gain insights from international water projects through the plenary discussions and deep dive sessions.
  • Collaborate: Explore potential partnerships and work together in addressing major water challenges. Take collaborative action towards a sustainable water secure world.
  • Engage and discuss: Broaden your perspective and explore alternative ways of working with topics such as Nature-based Solutions, social inclusion and locally led development.
  • Innovate: Discover new solutions and technologies.

Who's It For?

Waterproof 2024 is designed for professionals working across the Dutch water sector. Whether you're involved in the technical, financial, knowledge building, or social aspects of water management, this event is for you.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of Waterproof 2024. Let’s unite and tackle global water challenges together! Register now and choose your preferred deep-dive sessions. We'll send you all the practical information you need closer to the event.

We look forward to welcoming you to Waterproof 2024 and collectively taking steps towards a sustainable and secure water future.

About Partners for Water

For over 20 years, Partners for Water has been the pivotal link between the Dutch water sector and global partners. Our network and projects span the globe, driving innovation and collaboration.


Registration and welcome in Loods 7

Start plenary programme in De Perserij
Welcome by moderator Tracy Metz and plenary discussions led by water experts covering themes like biodiversity, water technology, and social inclusion in water management.

Round 1 Talkshow
Theme: Biodiversity

Round 2 Talkshow
Theme: Water technology

Round 3 Talkshow
Theme: Social inclusion in operations & maintenance

Closing morning plenary programme

Interactive networking lunch

Deep-dive sessions
Depending on the deep dive session and the duration, there will be a short break.

Short break

Partners for Water Award ceremony

Plenary recap moderated

Closing with an insightful interview featuring a water expert.

Networking drinks