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Are you working on an innovative water solution to enhance water security abroad? Join one of the April-information sessions to discover if the Partners for Water subsidy can support your ambitions

Who is it for?

This opportunity is for Dutch organisations (companies, knowledge institutes, NGO’s) working on innovative technologies, concepts, methods to enhance water security.

When should you participate?

Participate in one of the information sessions if your innovation meets the following criteria:

  • The innovation contributes to relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to water, food, or biodiversity.
  • The innovation has a significant impact on water security abroad.
  • The innovation can be demonstrated under local conditions (at pilot-level) or you can verify the feasibility of a pilot project.

Moreover, consider participating if you:

  • Want to understand how the Partners for Water grant can enhance your innovation.
  • Seek information about alternative funding opportunities for your water-related innovations.
  • Aim to network with fellow specialists in the water sector.

Preliminary Programme

Coffee & tea

Explanation about the subsidy scheme (goals, criteria, procedure)

Subsidy project in practice: experiences from a recently finalised Partners for Water-project

Overview of relevant Dutch funding possibilities (following or preceding your project)


Network drinks

When and where

Both information sessions will be held in English.

Participation is free of charge.

RVO strives to reduce the environmental footprint and we therefor ask you to consider this when you  sign up or are unable to attend