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What do you think is needed to achieve social inclusion in water climate adaptation? Share your valuable insights during our upcoming event ‘Social inclusion in Water Climate Adaptation - making a transformation’ on the 12th of September.

Social inclusion is crucial in creating sustainable and equitable water management solutions that benefit all. That's why we're hosting an event on the 12th of September at Villa Jongerius in Utrecht, where professionals in the Dutch water sector can connect, learn and share best practices.

During the event, we'll discuss actionable steps to transform water into a resource that benefits everyone. We invite you to share your experiences and engage in meaningful discussions with fellow professionals.

Join the conversation!

Ready to make a transformation in water climate adaptation? We invite you to participate in one of the event sessions. Share your best practices, innovative ideas and lessons learned with fellow professionals in the water sector and get inspired through meaningful discussions. On the 11th of May, we organise a brainstorming session to plan and organise these sessions. To apply for the brainstorming session, you can send an email to floor.crispijn.rvo.nl or david.geurts@deltares.nl. Join the conversation and let's work together towards a sustainable and equitable future!

Your invitation

To learn more about the event and how to join the brainstorm and participate in the events sessions, download your invitation here. We hope to see you there!

This event is organized by RVO in cooperation with Deltares and is connected to the Community of Practice on social inclusion of the Dutch water sector.

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