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Save the date! Are you ready to connect with fellow water experts and take collaborative action towards a sustainably water secure world? Partners for Water is organising Waterproof 2024 on Tuesday 6 February, at DeFabrique in Utrecht.

For whom?

Waterproof 2024 is where professionals from all corners of the Dutch water sector - private, public, financial, knowledge, technical and social - converge to address global water challenges.

What to expect at Waterproof 2024

  • Learn from the best practices and insights gained from international water projects.
  • Explore potential partnerships to battle against major water challenges collaboratively.
  • Network with Dutch private enterprises, NGOs, research institutes and public sector organisations active in the international water world.
  • Engage and discuss topics such as Nature-based solutions (NBS), social inclusion and locally led development to broaden your perspective and explore alternative ways of working.

About Partners for Water

For over two decades, Partners for Water has been the link between the Dutch water sector and local partners abroad, resulting in an extensive network and projects worldwide.

Mark Waterproof to your calender

The event will take place on Tuesday 6 February 2024, at DeFabrique in Utrecht.

If you'd like to join, please send an email to Waterproof@congresbureau.nl expressing your interest in attending. You will be added to the mailing list and receive the official invitation, including the programme and registration link starting in mid-December.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!