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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey? Get inspired, as we bring you exciting insights from a range of innovative projects. As part of the Partners for Water programme 2022-2027, we will closely follow a select group of subsidy projects working on inspirational water solutions to enhance water safety and security in different countries around the world. From May 2023, you'll get an inside look at three projects in Eswatini, Ghana and Mexico. Discover their techniques, collaborations, lessons learned and successful milestones and be inspired by the important water solutions they are creating.

What to expect in the next coming years?

During the Partners for Water programme 2022 – 2027, several subsidy rounds will be held, where a few select projects will be followed from start to finish. Over the next few years, they will take you with them on their transformative journey. You’ll be able to follow them from the start and gain insights into their promising solutions, innovative processes and collaborations with local partners, as well as their struggles, challenges and valuable lessons learned.


Meeting Beccan Davila

Project Beccan Davila

Let’s start!

At the beginning of this year, ten projects were launched to conduct feasibility studies and pilot projects around the world. Three of these projects will take you on their journey.


Eswatini - Water availability forecaster

The consortium of HydroLogic (the Netherlands), Emanti Management (South Africa) and FutureWater (the Netherlands) launched a pilot project for the GLOW water availability forecaster. This service provides water managers with information, warnings and advice on current and projected water availability and demand. They will also use this data to support water managers in Eswatini, Mozambique and South Africa to take mitigating actions on water availability.

GLOW Consortium team members

GLOW Consortium team members


Ghana - Climate-smart irrigation system

The consortium of Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands), Holland Green Tech (Ghana), Future Water (the Netherlands) and THAMO (Kenya) aims to further develop its innovative climate-smart irrigation system through a pilot project. This system provides farmers in Ghana with smart irrigation techniques that are supported by information from local weather stations. Farmers who have used the system have so far experienced 25% reduction in usage and 15% increase in harvest.

Smart irrigation system in Ghana

Smart irrigation system in Ghana


Mexico - Circular water systems in cities

In Oaxaca de Juarez, the architecture firm Beccan Davila (the Netherlands) is partnering with Field Factors (the Netherlands) and the Mexican research institute Centro to conduct a feasibility study to implement BlueBlogs in the city. Combining this innovation with proper urban planning, makes it possible to create a circular water system and add green spaces to the city. Excess rainwater can be stored and filtered to green spaces and used during times of drought.

Beccan Davila

Project Beccan Davila

Join the journey!

Through the exploration of these projects, we hope to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. So, join us on this journey by following the Partners for Water website and our LinkedIn page, as we explore the frontiers of water management and build a brighter, more sustainable future. The projects are excited to take you on the journey with them!

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