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Dutch company Hydraloop will install decentralised water recycling systems at new sustainable construction projects in the United States. These construction projects will be built by the Bowersox Investment Group. To mark this special occasion, a strategic partnership was agreed in the presence of His Royal Highness of Orange, Prince Constantijn at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Hydraloop has developed a water purifying system for domestic use that can help save up to 45% of tap water usage. ‘Grey water’, mildly polluted water from showers, baths and washing machines, is cleaned and this treated water can then be reused to, for example, flush toilets and water gardens.

Signing of the partnership at the CES in the presence of His Royal Highness of Orange Prince Constantijn.

Big ambitions

Bowersox Investment Group aims to build sustainable communities across the country, including in water scarce areas, such as the Western states of Arizona, California and Colorado. The first joint Hydraloop project is a 140 single-family home community in Clarksville, Georgia.

Partners voor Water support

In recent years, Hydraloop has been working on further developing a system that reuses domestic water in an affordable and user-friendly way. After successfully implementing the technique in the Netherlands, it made sense to also look for possibilities in other countries. In 2018, to assess whether Hydraloop is suitable for the American market, they asked Partners for Water for a subsidy, to finance a feasibility study.

During the feasibility study, a market proposition along with the legal, economic and technical possibilities of the Hydraloop-system for the American market were researched, amongst other things.

Sabine Stuiver, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Hydraloop, emphasises the importance of the subsidy: “The subsidy provided by Partners for Water has enabled us to study different circumstances and help identify the market for the demand for water saving solutions. After adjusting a pre-production model, the subsidy enabled us to have our product tested for a longer period of time to see whether it meets the American certification requirements.” 

More support from RVO

The positive results of the feasibility study are a valuable addition to the success of Hydraloop. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) also helped Hydraloop in other ways through providing advice and subsidies. Watch the video below to learn more about the role the RVO has played in the success of Hydraloop.