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To date, more than 600 initiatives have been added to the United Nations Water Action Agenda. The agenda is open to contributions from everyone: from governments, companies and NGOs to knowledge and educational institutions and communities. The initiatives added to the agenda contribute to accelerating improvements towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6): ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

The Water Action Agenda is an important part of the UN Water Conference, which is taking place this week in New York. In order to address future challenges in the fields of water and climate, there is an enormous need for real commitments, agreements and initiatives. The Dutch government will be one of the organisations that compiles and keeps track of the agenda after the summit.

Partners for Water (PfW) is regarded as an important tool for improving water safety and water security internationally. Because of this, the Dutch government programme has been included in the Water Action Agenda. PfW contributes to a number of important events at the UN Water Conference and to the implementation of the agenda in the coming years.

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Long-term collaboration

The Dutch government programme has long-term collaborations with partner governments, local experts and the Dutch water sector in seven different delta countries: Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mozambique and Vietnam. The initiative also strives to increase the sustainability of water projects, using Nature-Based Solutions and by paying attention to biodiversity in the food chain (Water-Biodiversity-Food).

Stimulate innovation and knowledge sharing

PfW also uses its network, knowledge and subsidy scheme to stimulate the application of innovative techniques, services and methodologies from the Dutch water sector. Companies can, for example, submit a proposal in 6 subsidy rounds to improve or test their innovations abroad. In order to share information and experiences, PfW brings together important stakeholders at events and through national and global networks.

About Partners for Water

The Partners for Water programme is implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency on behalf of the Ministries of Infrastructure and Water Management, Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and Climate and Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

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