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For almost two decades, the long-term bilateral relationships build around the Delta Approach form the backbone of our collaboration between countries for the benefit of sustainable transformations and climate adaptation in delta’s. At the Stockholm World Water Week, the Partners for Water programme is contributing to a session on “Supporting societal transformations in delta’s through long-term partner engagements” on Wednesday 25 August, 10:00-11:00 CES. Join in on the conversation!

Although we have come a long way, the delta collaborations have been subject to a wide spectrum of criticism, opinions and interpretations. Latest research reveals that these cooperation’s, although sometimes unmistakable subject to power- and political dynamics, to be highly energizing hotspots where people, irrespective of nationality, political preferences or professional disciplines and in spite of hierarchies, work together based on trust and mutual interest, learning on how to deal with the (water)effects of climate change.

In this session we want to bring to the surface the deeper value and (transformational) effects of long-term commitment between partners on delta management. Cases with lessons learned from Egypt, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Bangladesh will be shown. Academics get a chance to discuss their role in this collaboration.  Practitioners get stories of success within their organisations and sectors.

This session should be inspirational to all those professionally active in or around bilateral relationships dealing with water-, climate- or delta challenges, either from a governmental, private sector, academic or civil society perspective.

Additional info

  • The delta collaboration session details can be found at the SWWW website via this link.
  • Registration for this session is free, go to the World Water Week website to registrate.