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Social inclusion in water climate adaptation contributes to better, more equitable solutions for water challenges. In this session, with contribution from the Partners for Water programme, different practical approaches for improving social inclusion will be discussed. Practical case studies and stakeholder experiences from water climate adaptation will be exchanged, to help partners improve social inclusion in practice. Join this session on Wednesday 25 August, 13.00 - 14.00 CES.

Social inclusion is increasingly important in water climate adaptation. It stimulates creativity, enables sustainable solutions and mitigates social and environmental risks. In practice social inclusion is a complex matter and often fails to meet expectations. Technical approaches are still very dominant in projects. Knowledge and in-depth understanding of local dynamics are often limited as are resources to create this understanding.

Technical knowledge and expertise are vital in tackling climate issues, but it can only deliver true value when connected with local knowledge, governance and communities. This practical side of social inclusion receives little attention and is extremely challenging. Collaboration is needed between donors, experts, national and local authorities and communities. Cultural differences need to be bridged. Therefore, investment in understanding local cultural and social context is key as well as investment in processes to enhance inclusion and co-created solutions.

The year of valuing water puts the different values of water for different groups central and provides an excellent opportunity to discuss opportunities and dilemmas of social inclusion in practice. In this session we discuss and explore practical approaches in enabling and improving social inclusion and share experiences from different countries.


Additional info

  • The Social Inclusiveness session details can be found at the SWWW website via this link.
  • Registration for this session is free, go to the World Water Week website to registrate.